person Carla Sarett, two poems

Carla Sarett‘s recent work appears in Third Wednesday, Prole, Halfway Down the Stairs, Defenestration and elsewhere; her essays have been nominated for Best American Essays and the Pushcart Prize. A Closet Feminist, her debut novel, will be published in 2022. Carla lives in San Francisco.

thinking about sad chicken on the bus

the elderly take
their sweet time
climbing up

one hour’s
the same
as two
like those

sad chickens
my mother
never timed

one mysterious
chicken after

we used to watch The Searchers

after crazed
old Mose says
no money just

a rockin’ chair
by the fire it’s
all he needs

you’d repeat
his lines with
your terrible

cowboy twang
you could never
do American

could you no
matter how
many times

I give away
others I am
keeping this

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