person Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, one poem

Yoni Hammer-Kossoy has poetry appearing or forthcoming in Stonecoast Review, Sky Island Journal, Rvier Heron Review, The American Journal of Poetry, & Songs of Eretz Poetry. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Hammer-Kossoy has lived in Jerusalem, Israel with family for the last 20 years and, when not writing, pays the bills as a software engineer.



Say you can become the best version
of yourself: kinder, smarter, more
forgiving, radiant from without and within
the way a pomegranate tree blazes
under early December sun, the sum
of all movement since its first silky leaves
unfurl, since orange crowns bloom between them
and billow with fruit almost too heavy
to bear. Would you recognize yourself
in such a state before it faded?
Or is beauty doomed to be known
from shadow – the same tree standing
after a storm, sullen with stripped branches
clutching the knot of an empty bird’s nest.


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