person Anne Myles, one poem

Originally from New York, Anne Myles is associate professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa, and in 2018 began writing poetry again after a long interval. Her work has appeared in a number of journals including Ghost City Review, Ink & Nebula, Thimble Literary Magazine, Lavender Review, and New Verse News.


At the Station of the Year

A Golden Shovel sonnet after Ezra Pound’s
“In a Station of the Metro”

A hurried walk in early dusk. The
bare trees are an apparition,
saying what in their scrawl of
limbs against violet? These
days, everything turns and faces
what is paused, unknown. In
windows light-strings twinkle, the
bright, glassed promises of the crowd.

It darkens. Soon silent petals
of snow will descend and mound on
grass, on streets. On graves. This is a
benediction, or is not. Wet
and icy green sleeps under; black
cloaks the waiting in the bough.


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