person M; Margo, one poem

M; Margo is a person who writes and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Their books include Pennine Hillsongs (The Haunted Mask II) [Ghost City Press, 2018], yr yr [Ghost City Press, 2017], and Blueberry Lemonade [Bottlecap Press, 2015].


washington, lincoln, lafayette

it is the beginning of the summer
& everywhere feels too hot
the ice cream truck circles its usual route
with a lonesome echo
its jingle keeps asking
as if to beg for the attention of this tired city
the kids are tired & the kids’ hands are exhausted
the sno-cones are desperate to melt
melting over sweaty fingers
or melting over thirsty tongues
mixing with either saliva or cement
bare toes burning on black roads
my next-door neighbors turn on the radio
& fill up the inflatable pool
the ice cream truck drives around until it no longer exists
& then all of us look right through the sky
waiting for nightfall


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