person Paul Koniecki, three poems

Currently based in Dallas, Paul Koniecki‘s latest books of poetry are “After Working Hours” from NightBallet Press and “Reject Convention” by KleftJaw Press. His poems have appeared in movies and anthologies all over the world and in 2018 Koniecki will have three new books, “Tom Farris is my Safe-Word” from CWP Collective Press and a split collection of poetry with Matthew Haines from Spartan Press, being two. He is the founder and co-host of “Meet Me With Curiosity” Poetry In The Park at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas.



-for Adam Rainer the only recorded adult little person and adult giant in history

The next tent held a loveseat
and a different pair

of attached twins who were
for the moment gone.

A letter in my pocket, dated when
Adam and I visited five years ago,

still reads, “do
you want us both to come?”.

as now I keep asking if this

is where my son should live.
Touching their note I know

there are
many types of loneliness.


out past sleeping

is a broken

yellow is thicker
parts strewn
on a tarmac

of obsidian disks
floating in colorless

catalog of dreams
i touch your thumb knuckle
i drink your heart

inside a rock
at the river’s bottom
i find your fortune

a slip of wet paper
the consistency of marrow
rub the paste on my skin

and become the words
turbulence rising from my mouth
a secret adverb held in

the motion of a blink
memory is virgin incomplete alone
absolute only in its mistakes

waiting to be unseen
inside a rock
at the river’s bottom

i lose your face
and photograph


A confluence of words,

the silence of snow and unread lines,
graupel, city-slush, the way cold air
and water meet to make winter.

Gravity conscripts an object of subordinate mass,

life also lashes us to one,

like rivers in the sky falling to pieces
outstretched tongues, and urban
towers spinning in a fog of exhalation.


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