Indictus – poems – Natalie Eilbert

poems by Natalie Eilbert
Noemi Press, 2017

While reading Natalie Eilbert’s Indictus, I could feel parts of myself go missing. Could feel the pause between awe and struck. Could eat, without cooking, deletion. With a frank transcendence, this work leaves navigation to its aloofness and opts instead to skin the map of its long-held location. If sound is the gem of heartbreak, then this here speaking is both swag and fossil, dog- whistle and canary. I’m not sure how it happened, that this is beautiful. By which I mean painful. By which I mean it is not fair that one has to race the created to reach one’s own invention. By which I mean it is not beautiful. By which I mean it is not other, but only. By which I mean it is somehow a story of violations and of a multiple oneness. Of how man is eulogized for making something once while anyone not man must, in order to bury, enlist again and again the help of the unburied. I hope, while reading it, you are not surprised. I hope you are startled by Eilbert and how she seems to reach the ends of things, but then reaches the real ends of things, and all without moving past the reader that you were when you started. I think sometimes that atmosphere can be autobiographical. Short answer: by book’s end, I revisited how I have not been kind to language and came to the conclusion that this is because I have been too kind to words. Perhaps forgiveness is accountability’s first stab at an erasure poem. This book owes you nothing. Be indebted.


review by Barton Smock


book is here:


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