person Jill Chan, three poems

Jill Chan is the author of ten books including What To Believe: poems (2017). Her work has been published in Poetry New Zealand, Otoliths, Brief, Blue Fifth Review, The Tower Journal, and other magazines.


Everything becomes serious…

Everything becomes serious

when we are sick.

Life is a series of tiny misses.

Living has become difficult.

Not difficult like illness

but difficult like uncertainty,

like accident, its aftermath.

You are my uncertain hope.

Like morning, like dust.

Dust that wakes me.


“Dew Light”
after W.S. Merwin

I haven’t thought of the day.

I am only in it.

Today when everything

is present

even when it is not here.

I haven’t thought of dew,

how it settles majestically

on a thing that stays.


The Dark

I’ve become uncommonly afraid.

The littlest things rattle me.

I’m afraid of being left alone.

Where is the one who was brave?

Where does courage go?

Even when beauty stills me,

fear is the dark I hold.

Where does the night go

between the time we stay

and the hour we arrive?


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