person Vasilina Orlova, three poems

Vasilina Orlova was born in the settlement of Dunay in the Russian Far East in 1979 and is both a poet and translator.  She has published a number of books of prose and poetry in Russian, and her first book of poetry in English, Contemporary Bestiary, was published in 2014 by Gutenberg Printing Press Independent Group, Austin.  Her book, Holy Robots, from which the below poems are taken with permission, was published by same in 2016.



sitting on the floor in the clouds of smoke,

the iron surfaces of the dimmed body deliquesce,

the robot hastily imagines

in the last milliseconds

                                        of his existence as an entity

the field in flowers, shadows running askew



remembering the time he was a little girl.



A robot calligrapher is

Painting the 3D orchid

With the squirrel brush so thin,

One hundredth of a micron.

As it unfolds in the air,

I watch delightedly.

I never thought I’d enjoy the orchid

So much.



I fell in love with the previous version

Of this robot; do not try to sell me

The new model.  I

Am remarkably old-fashioned

And pride myself on it; the old vacuum cleaner,

Which belonged to my grandma,

Is still my faithful pet.