person Sravani singampalli, one poem

Sravani singampalli is a published writer and poet from India. Her works have appeared in Scarlet Leaf Review, Spillwords Press, Criterion Journal, Setu Bilingual Journal, Whispers, Labyrinthine Passages Journal, Indian Ruminations, and others. She has poems forthcoming in Leaves of Ink, Kitaab, Formercactus, Gone Lawn Journal, Vox Poetica, The Pangolin Review, and The Blue Nib.


Summer 2011

I sit alone on the partially wet grass
On a hot summer day
Enveloped in silence.
I don’t think about anything.
I can feel the sweat
Trickling down my back.
My sweat has a vinegary and acidic smell.
Doctors say that the bacteria
Living on my skin
Are responsible for it.
What can I do?
I bathe twice a day
To feel better.
People have been harsh to me.
At times I feel isolated
But the fishes in a nearby pond
Brighten up my face.
Perhaps I was a fish
In my previous birth.
On the opposite side of the road
I behold a tree
Facing the fresh water river
On one side
And piles of garbage
On the other.