person Li Xiaohang, one poem

Li Xiaohang is an artist and writer from Shanxi Province, in The People’s Republic of China. She is currently a university student in Jilin Province, where she continues her studies toward publishing and art.



Time is a slippery thing:
lose hold of it once,
its string might sail out of your hands forever.
So chances of saying I like you are.
Do you happen to know that?

What do we call visible light?
We call it color.
But the electromagnetic spectrum
runs to zero in one direction
and infinity in the other,
so really, mathematically, all of light is invisible,
just like my love.
Can you see it as any light now?

Sometimes, the eye of a hurricane is the safest place to be.
I stand directly in front of you,
and watch you to walk into my eyes.
Do you know the moonquake?
It happens more than one thousand times every year.
Moon is at the far end of the moonlight,
and we cannot feel that quake here on earth.