person Geraldine Fernandez, one poem

Geraldine Fernandez (Dray) is a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English and a second year law student from the Philippines. Her works have appeared in various papers and poetry journals namely The Hundred Islands, The Plebeians, The Birds We Piled Loosely, The Fem Literary Magazine, Spillwords Press, etc.


Notes To D

I wonder if you read back
through our message history.
Are you sometimes turned on
by my silence?
After all, that’s my best nude.

What’s on my mind?
I want a soul to sit with
over a few glasses of gin
while I contemplate
how to bid the world
without breaking
or anyone.

Lust has a mind of its own.
I am a participant
in one too many sex
scenes in my dreams,
you the leading actor
in some of them.

We don’t know each other but I miss you

the way the ashtrays
at my mother’s place
crave the presence
of a man
and his classic reds.

I am most probably 5’7″ tall
but I could feel so small
when not dreaming
or citing the higher court.
It’s been two months
since I opened my law books
dusts of my thoughts
collect into notes
that are far too blue
to be golden.
meet me sometime
at a bar
& let us make miracles
happen overnight.
I need someone like you
to speak latin
through my skin:
volenti non fit injuria
you want this as much as I do
let’s see if your throat
carries the depth of your mind
if bruises look better on you
than other girls
who have not read RA 9262*
or written awareness
without losing too much blood.”


I could be yours until you’re alive again,


* volenti non fit injuria is Latin for “to a willing person, no injury is done.” This doctrine holds that a person who knowingly and willingly puts himself in a dangerous situation cannot sue for any resulting injuries.

*RA 9262 : The Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act