person G.B. Ryan, one poem

G.B. Ryan was born in Ireland and graduated from University College Dublin. He is a ghostwriter in New York City. Elkhound published his WHO YOU NEED TO START A RIOT in May 2017. His poems are nearly all about incidents that involve real people in real places and use little heightened language.



A.R. Ammons recalled in a poem
on a raw afternoon walk on a farm
a friend said he wasn’t much interested
in nature but if we didn’t have it
we would have to think of something to take
its place: we have to assume there were no
billboards in view or vans with messages
on their sides or word strings towed by small planes

She was woken
during the night
by the dog barking
at her son’s absence
on his first sleepover

In anno Domini 1710
the Duc de Saint-Simon
recalled the Duchesse de Foix
as the prettiest hunchback imaginable
who moved so gracefully
that one could scarcely have wished her humpless.
She was amusing without
the slightest trace of malice.
She never admitted to being more than fifteen
although she died childless at the age of fifty-five.