person Deirdre Fagan, one poem

Deirdre Fagan is a widow, wife, and mother of two who has published poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Most recently, her work has appeared in Constellate, Nine Muses, The Opiate, and Rat’s Ass Review. She is a Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee. Fagan teaches literature and writing at Ferris State University where she is also the Coordinator of Creative Writing.


Butter by the Stick

As soon as something crawls from the ground,
and declares itself alive, it bites my neck.

Isn’t that how we met?

I can’t recall.

This welt, now just a bump,
is occasionally, itchy.

A dry patch of skin, arid, withered,
on the underside of my chin,
where I once held a dandelion
to determine whether I liked butter.

Yellow reflection, “yes.”
None, “no.”
You ate butter by the stick.

I was only a child, then.