person Agnieszka Mauch, two poems

Agnieszka Mauch hails from Poland. She dabbles in writing, nature photography, and linguistics.



Snow’s vibrating
my body is the age of wounds

I once made a girl fall and it was initiation

I should abhor myself
for even daring

I was gradable
I should have one level of me now, I think
I swim like Anne
I can’t
move my arms enough to create a
notion of the sea

it’s the acid that makes us speak up
makes us float

one day
silence will correct me
not exclude me



The shadow house is open

all rooms butchered
to the gore
of emptiness

A moon in the pond of the living room
is grinning
it has a face like thistles,
teeth like sightings at 3 am

it feeds me this setup
each time
I am torn apart like some door
to a revered space

sobbing out glass and blood