person Fatima Ijaz, one poem

Fatima Ijaz is a contributing editor at Pandemonium Journal. She graduated in English from York University and Eastern Michigan University and has taught English Composition and Speech Communication at IBA. She won first prize at the McLaughlin Poetry Contest in Toronto (2007). She participated in artistic collaborations, which were featured at Music Mela 2019, Art Baithak 2019, and Taseer Art Gallery 2020. Her poetry and prose has been published in New Asian Writing, Kitaab, Rigorous, Zau, Praxis, The Write Launch, Red Fez, Whirlwind and Naya Daur. She is currently collaborating with designer Sadaf Malaterre for an art project titled ‘Whimsical’.



So you think dying in the arms of hyacinth,
You can still decipher the moon’s crevice on your bone.
And when the darling light of the street lamp, guttural
With fancy, oozes onto the pavement
You can start braiding Freudian dreams in your hair.

So you think the gush of wounds is simple hysteria.
Don’t you think, it takes the time out of Dali’s memory
And an empty painting burns into normal rooms?
I ask, as I forgive the other, because I friction fainted
And by the translucence, as I recovered, I began to see.

The bird-cage inside of you, knocking heart-beat,
Incessant rhythmic rain of a question
Should I confess to the unknown?
Should I hold the voluptuous hand of the sea,
Should I too march along the three-faced moon?


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