person Ojo Taiye, one poem

Ojo Taiye is a young Nigerian who uses poetry as a handy tool to hide his frustration with the society. His poems and works have appeared in journals like Frontier Poetry, Palette, Stinging fly, Notre Dame Review, Vallum, Crannog, Argot, Brittle Paper, Glass Journal, Elsewhere, Eunoia Review, Lit Mag, Juke, Praxis Magazine and elsewhere.


Simple Children or Wild Stars

in the widening field, i become a scholar of persuasion. i have done
things i shouldn’t discuss in a poem: wild stars and a fragment of
dream that arrows in the mist. i don’t want to spend the rest of my
life planting salts, seeding the ground with memories, if the road to
a safe tomorrow is what i’d rather do without. today, i am burning the
names of boys shot at noon. to wake when it’s possible is a good
thinking. each year, my nights pour through me like complaints & the
day becomes harder to live within. we all have reasons for leaving and
i go skyward. i will change your life, a little emptiness says, to
which i say please. it’s hard to know the right way to write the same
poem over and over, i mean i must leave this animal of my body,
without touching the furniture.



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