person Jaewon Chang, two poems

Jaewon Chang is a high school junior living in the Philippines. His works have been recognized by the Scholastics Art and Writing awards on a national level. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Cleaver Magazine, Austin International Poetry Festival Youth Anthology, National Poetry Writing Month Anthology (2020), Ilanot Review, Passengers Journal, and elsewhere. During his free time, Jaewon enjoys traveling the city on foot.


To the East of Sinhyeon-ro 12-212

There exists a space where the pavement
cups the feet of marigolds, like words
waiting before they are spoken.

On another side, carnations distance
themselves between each other, the way
mother and I lived when people

in plastic gowns took father away. Perhaps
a man will hold a stethoscope against
appa’s chest, and that will be enough. Perhaps

eomma won’t have to leave me and stay
next to his bed. How we dream
when we don’t know.


The Exposition of Images

Your fingers coat a land of
photographs: possibly a red horizon
of bodies, where brightness floors
the dark, teaching war and peace
to unlearn their differences, or
maybe a walking stick, the
remnants of grandmother’s only
asset. Some images bruise the scenery
longer than others, but soon, a coda
will hunker us below our skies.
A musician, and
a piano underneath.


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