person D.C. Wojciech, one poem

D.C. Wojciech is the founder of Silver Pinion, and is the author of The Longest Breath (Anvil Tongue, 2020). He resides in the Sonoran desert.



those who sought humane interaction
wherever it can be found
those who chanted the end of art
in flickering rooms of hosanna, out of body & completely alone
those who stood for hours days years on downtown fire escapes without a fire or an escape
those who hummed spirits back to life on the corner of Oak & Everett against the traffic in many dimensions at once
against the time in red on bus transfers
against the bulldozers on Broadway
against inflation, alienation, theft, against the wicked history of cash crops
against themselves if need be
against anything that isn’t love
allow me this one moment of idealism—
for all utopian visions
that begin with the carpals & the femur—
“this world doesn’t know how to end”


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