person Sophia Cannizzaro, one poem

Sophia Cannizzaro is a poet and perpetual student from Vermont, now living mostly in New York City with her cat. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in The Wild Word and Monstering Magazine.  You can find her on Instagram @sophia.luci.cannizzaro and at


you are always doing what you want to do

i tell the doorman at d.b.a. that i want
to live here rather than there. he says,

            / you will do what you want to do /

i tell him i am afraid to disappoint my mother.

            / doesn’t matter /               he says. i will do what i want to do.

what i want to do is be the home i am in search of,
that which others find in me but which somehow
i myself do not live in, despite it being my very

i do not know where i live but i know it is not in myself, i am
floating under the eyelid of a world whose eyes see only
that red space in which the sun enters flesh


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