{ The Mothercake Cycle – poems – Kolby Harvey }

The Mothercake Cycle
Kolby Harvey
Dream Pop Press, 2019


So sometimes one is up worrying about sons for all the reasons and none of the reasons that exist and, in hoping to hold a clear thing away from nearness, said one picks up a book that is so exquisitely now and so ravenously other that words for it come in an order so impossibly simple that none, nor one, could make the right math of its terrible sadness, livid chiromancy, uprooted poetics. Whether fairy tale, psalm, or sitcom, Kolby Harvey’s The Mothercake Cycle is this book, and also, that book.  Is a work of urgent peace.  If I am in two places at once, as a father, as a worried human, I need to believe there are third histories of identical faiths as present in the attached strangeness of Harvey’s expert metaphor which seems also to have been banished to the interior for being a metaphor in the first place and seems also that it might soon be the last of its doubled kind.  So reader, give soon a past.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:
The Mothercake Cycle

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