person Amy Baskin, two poems

Amy Baskin is a poet whose work examines women’s autonomy, misogyny, objectification, power, femininity, and shaming. Work as such is currently featured in Bear Review, River Heron Review, and is forthcoming in Pirene’s Fountain. Baskin is a 2019 Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, a 2019 Oregon Literary Arts Fellow, and a 2019 Oregon Poetry Association prize winner. When not writing, Baskin matches international students at Lewis & Clark College with local residents to help them feel welcome and at home during their time in Oregon.

The below are taken from a collection in progress about Lilith, Adam’s first wife, who knew she was not his lesser.



Sad little sister
betrothed bone
gristle bride
overbred retriever
strained genetics
one rib
no coupling
no wonder
childbirth is painful
for you
you are a child.



Connect me like a tree
with knowledge like a tree
underground and with surety
with surety of years feeling like
a heartbeat’s worth of time
leaching out to each other
with offerings of water, energy
nutrition, chlorophyll
like a giving tree
this is my body it will be
given up for you
interbeing starts with connection from
the roots at a cellular level
we grow out of nurse logs, giving trees
nothing grows from nothing
can I see god in a nurse tree—yes
can I see god in the nursling who saps the
energy from the nurse tree —yes
can I see god in the leaders who can’t
see god in themselves
sad leaves they worship
sad leaves


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