person Amy Nocton, one poem

Amy Nocton lives in Storrs, Connecticut with her family. She teaches Spanish at E.O. Smith High School and English composition for non-native speakers at the University of Connecticut.  She has been previously published in Poetry Ireland Review, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Inti,: Revista de literatura hispánica, The Bookends Review, The Pangolin Press, Moonchild Magazine, the Peacock Journal, Dodging the Rain, through the Connecticut Writing Project at the University of Connecticut, and has a poem pending in July/August 2020 in Ethel Zine.


The Seduction of Artemis

I recall reflections
of lights
I couldn’t see
bouncing off the night water
while chaste Artemis
seduced the ocean

In the darkness,
I could sense liquid
longing as it raced.
The sea,
sweats salt.


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