person Andrew Kozma, one poem

Andrew Kozma‘s poems have appeared in Blackbird, Redactions, Subtropics, and Best American Poetry 2015. His book of poems, City of Regret, won the Zone 3 First Book Award, and his second book, Orphanotrophia, will be published by Cobalt Press in 2019.


Song of the Shut-in

Winter banks itself with paper snow. The wind
puffs like a dying man, every step a struggle.

Trees like cardboard matches. Sky a veil
of worn tights. A lawn of toenail clippings.

My skin cracks and flakes, my teeth break
thin-skinned lips, and the fire flails its brittle limbs.

Summer burrows into the earth like a fever. A hand
to the cold window. My palm ghosts the glass.



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