{ Our Debatable Bodies – poems – Marisa Crane }

Our Debatable Bodies
poems, Marisa Crane
Animal Heart Press, 2019


Marisa Crane is a poet of the mouth. Mouth as the wound one opens to name the wounded. Mouth as flickering hyphen. As a thing not spoken for.  In Our Debatable Bodies, words like ‘tomboy’ turn yellow in the toothless boy of tomorrow and language lives long enough to land on the same suicide note. In reading, I realized that though I forgive, I perhaps do so on a budget. That though I strive to recognize, my recognition is manmade. That what I call merely a child’s costume was perhaps put on by one wearing an eyeless mask. Maybe there is no big picture, only photos taken by giants? I guess what I mean is…Crane sees. And more so, looks.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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