{ Banjo’s Inside Coyote – poems – Kelli Allen }

Banjo’s Inside Coyote
poems, Kelli Allen
C&R Press, 2018


Verbose, strange, and woozily humble, Kelli Allen’s Banjo’s Inside Coyote crafts the hand you don’t write with and teaches one to read anything but it. How bold and earthly a move it is to make of verse an anti-inheritance and to re-other the romancing of those meek designs our art so often has on detail. These are poems made of city and of country, of salted star and of the left-footed river. Whether embodied beast or distant dust mite, they find with oddity a clarity enough to bring joy to a past joy. And as Allen so gingerly resurrects suddenness from its foregone surprise, you’ll want to double back might amnesia forget what it knows.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

Banjo’s Inside Coyote

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