Ceremony of Sand ~ poems ~ Rodney Gomez

Ceremony of Sand
poems – Rodney Gomez
YesYes Books, 2019


On earth, an angel begins to limp. And a demon sees what imagery cannot. And a church is made for the bell of unstruck awe. And the poems of Rodney Gomez enter the collection Ceremony of Sand to be washed of their stillness. Transformation is not a crossing, here, and Gomez knows, borderlands or brief heavens, one cannot call it art if it’s just a mirror with an off-switch. Nor can one call it map if it serves merely as a marker for where the mirror works. I love the sound of these poems, and what their speaker does with hearing. These seem scenes captured once by an eye keeping secrets for the ear. This care, this hand, a stopwatch doubling midnight beneath a wig going bald. This ceremony, this anti-rehearsal, a bright and sobering exploration of how easily uncovered one can become when separation is used as a means to dress witness in invisible greys. The dream: the one where I am waiting at the bottom of a small hill for the head of god. Dream I roll from. To mean: Bless this work its escape and bless the skeletal forms herein that tally transference. The dream: the one where language has two lovers and loses them both to an absence that has recently left departure. To mean: this language is alone.


reflection by Barton Smock


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