person Kevin Heslop, two poems

Kevin Heslop is a poet and actor from London, Ontario. He has performed on stage as Creon, Katherine Minola, and Saul Mortera. His first chapbook, con/tig/u/us, was published in 2018 by The Blasted Tree, and his poems have been published by Juniper, No Press, Puddles of Sky Press, is/let, NOON, Baseline Press, Harmonia Press, Occasus Literary Journal, Forget Magazine, and Poetry London.



“Mellifluous” is from the late
Latin for “honey, running.”

“Mellifluous” is from the late
Latin for “honey, running.”

When you left you took almost everything.


The Chronographer

Here is where the woman made of rhythm drinks.
Anastasia cues a Chopin nocturne from her early years
When grace and prodigy and national endowments
Flung her into something second cousins still recall
With quiet pride at home in Volgograd, in Saratov.
“Very simple,” she explains to her new students who
have lingered lithely after evening lessons ended.
“Do not show when you are watching me.”
Gym bags at their hips, ribboned ballet slippers
Dangling from their shoulders, most of them leave
With quiet words or cigarettes; two students sit
In dark and silence; Anastasia, in her helment
Of zinc wire, begins describing running.


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