person Charles Leggett, two poems

Charles Leggett is a professional actor based in Seattle, WA. His poetry has been published in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize three times, most recently in 2018 by Twyckenham Notes. His long poem “Premature Tombeau for John Ashbery” was an e-chapbook in the Barnwood Press “Great Find” series.



—After Stéphane Mallarmé’s “Apparition”

All the bells are ringing or have rung.
I heard them ringing in your mother’s voice
The clapper only, still, is punctual.

I thought I sensed the boyhood superhero
Who, cordial and so unaffected, helped
In dreams to banish fear under a close

And brass-hued fog he’s rolling through the years
Along these lanes, the moon-sung valley cows
Regardful, still, between their shudderings.



The azure thins, bleeds to blood
orange   cuddling couple in
silhouette   boundaries blurred
of clouds   a bird drifting down

Allons three cheers for flawless
posture peerless votary
let fall what thee befuddles
what muddles still that starry

heaven’s sprawled rune   horizon
incising your shadow-shawled
waist where would-be hands resign
assignment and surely should

Your lens can only linger
on fingers gelled to gemcan
raining rice on a languor-
ous lion   augur-cocaine

awaited and prayed upon
weighed on the scales (i have scanned
there too friend and found)—it on-
ly can hone what there will wend

Who chafes to change the azi-
muth   who has a hand so strange
range o range us in azure
thinned pure to blood-rust orange

—Puerto Vallarta, 2006


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