person Pat Tompkins, one poem

Pat Tompkins is an editor. Her poems have appeared in Plainsongs, Modern Haiku,The Hollins Critic, and other publications.


Thinking of You

the sapphire in my mother’s engagement ring, decorating hands
that did so much for me; gem-bright spotted boxfish; the deep,
clear water of Crater Lake; a whale’s tail in the St. Lawrence
River; jeans, reliable as old friends; indigo Japanese quilts
stitched with white; the Madonna’s robe in Renaissance art;
cobalt cornflowers at the coast-side farmers’ market; mussel
shells emptied by gulls; the ocean reflecting azure above;
sweet berries in Sunday morning pancakes; eyes of a Siamese
cat; simple rhythms of songs telling stories everyone knows;
squawks of a jay; two full moons in one month; the sound of
lapis lazuli; Wedgewood’s colored clay; the Jewel Box star
cluster viewed atop Mauna Kea, mid-Pacific.

a restless owl
and singing nightingale
hours of black and white

[published in Meniscus, 2015]


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