person Goodness Olanrewaju Ayoola, one poem

Goodness Olanrewaju Ayoola is a Nigerian poet and teacher of English. His poetry has appeared in Indian Periodicals, Leaves of Ink, Deepwater Literary Journal, Brittle Paper, Yourone phone call, Ric Journal and elsewhere.


My compound as a portraiture

Has no architectural comeliness, or a frame of appeal.

Is survival. Is void of no particular pigment
Pronunciation, save the dullness after cement.
    Is sitting in the ghetto; knows the ghetto; knows all the
Drama: the wisps of smoke from hemps, the intensity of rum’s redolence, the screams from
Girls molested on dead nights,         girls fought over by rogues at a close beer parlor,
    The loud jamz
From the barber’s shop, the idiosyncrasy of the mad man’s cubicle a feet away,
From the neighbor who on public
Holidays makes his Home Theatre scream into our walls
With indifference. With abandon. The woman adjacent my door
Is a scarecrow, she sings early fears in French to the maid she
Exploits; whom sleep has found elusive. Once, my family was smoked out,
Naked by the flames from a broken hookah in the harem
Just behind the window’s blindness.

Knows enough, without so much difference: the claims of incessant flood
    And the Landlord’s rush for rent


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