person Bob Fern, two poems

Bob Fern is a professor of translational neurobiology whose published short stories include ‘The light at the cat’s spine rocks” in Between the lines press, “Descent of the Capek” in The Ansible and “Pickle-fingered Truffle-snouter” in the Fortnightly Review. Other than that, his publication record to date is purely academic. He lives in Plymouth England with his wife, two good daughters and two bad dogs.


Do it

Sea anemone evert, barb-dangling.
Crystal vase of marbles.
Can love exist without anxiety?
Only through denial, the prerequisite.


The old words

The body may jerk
but the Bundle of His
that rules the heart
has been taken.

Who to hear behind a wall of talk,
who to induct meaning.

Tones on a stave
below what others know


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