person Andrew Kozma, one poem

Andrew Kozma has poems appearing in Blackbird, Redactions, Subtropics, and Best American Poetry 2015. His book of poems, City of Regret, won the Zone 3 First Book Award, and his second book, Orphanotrophia, will be published by Cobalt Press in 2019.


Mr. Henry Bones (xiii)

This is palpable: the thirty cents I need
to call Arkansas, where I was
extradited from. They got me
wrong, who was
someone else. Houston, oh Houston,
where is my ticket home?

Upchuck beautiful. My body
a bathysphere untested
for these pressures your fingers
stitch me with. O science!
And your disdain for the body
as a vehicle, as driven!

The rumble of joyous
hips and ass. This earth
an Eden, this Eden a circle, this birth
of passion illusion, this desire you cry
only instinct, my desire only joyous
remission, a nervous dissolve.


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