person Pearl Button, three poems

Pearl Button currently lives in the Salishan Territory of western North America. She has been published in a variety of journals under a variety of names.


night at the campground, 1

a plant, a mouse, a man
cold wax moon lifting the empire line
dress he wears, pink diamond tiara
listing, curved, his carbon longing
plant’s dew trembles
mouse ears rampant, attentive
that first small sound of breaking


night at the campground, 2

calling it mirror
the deer, the woman, the hare
all see the moon, and in the moon
whiskers and lips
in the night
jet beads on a string of longing


the perceptual ability of various beings

daylight deer can pick red from orange
at night blue from green
canvas-walled sleeping, bruise-blue paint
a morning glory vine around the teepee lit
an interior fire, white canvas-bells quiver
a woman dreaming on a pallet
inside the lodge, heat breaks past
painted flowers, desire, cardinal, unseats
sea-green night, the deer muzzles nearby
tenderly kills, chooses one leaf over another



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