Descansos – poems – Katherine Osborne

poems, Katherine Osborne
salò press (2018)


~ A red snow boot was carried out by the tide. -from (mid-swim savannah)

Listening is as listening mourns. In Descansos, Katherine Osborne memorializes with voice the sound that suddenness might make if blessed by longevity. How stirring, this outsider’s verse of inclusion. In which vault is our safekeeping? What is quieter than a moment of silence? There are asks, in this work, that will make you breathe under your breath. Osborne has command of occurrence, and gives the subtle order that whatever happens be randomly stunned. I am not sure what answers Osborne has gotten, but am glad for the auditing, overdue as it is, of grief’s word choice. If our passage has come to mean how bored we are in vehicles both idle and moving, Descansos takes our vacant stare for an absent glimpse and marks itself with vision.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here


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