person Adedayo Agarau, one poem

Adedayo Agarau is a student and poet hoping to make the world a little better with his words and photography. He has works up at Barren Magazine, Geometry, and 8poems. He is the author of For Boys Who Went. His manuscript Asylum Chapel, is coming to light for publication and looking for a good home. One can connect with him via twitter @adedayoagarau and Instagram @wallsofibadan, where he documents the beauty and pain of his Nigerian city home.


broken cross.
for olawale ibiyemi

                there must be a god // in a house

a boy sets himself ablaze // you smell like goings

are you the mile?             there must be a god.

of water & the attraction of the body               what does the fire

say about rapture?           what do the angels say about demise

how a boy leaves home to become a book on a dusty shelf

how you are an incense // a candle waxing in the sun

              you tell your mother you will love to be named after a grave

              you love the dogs when they bark         the night howls in your body

there must be a god riding a horse in your flowery soul           saddling you into anguish

hozier’s voice creaking on your skin       black ghost black ghost

open your chest               there must be a god hanging down

your beleaguered city                 there must be a god

half nailed to a broken cross                 asking itself how the end first showed


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