person Michael Akuchie, one poem

Nigerian-based Michael Akuchie lives in Lagos Nigeria. His works have appeared on Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, peculiars mag & Vagabond City Lit Mag. He is Contributing Editor for Barren Magazine.



I crawled out of the moon to hear my heart weep

streaming down the sky, I leave God lonely as a shadow

I can not feel my face through all that light

every muscle inside hides underneath skin

my family hates the wreckage living in the attic

wrapped with unsaid words, the language remains unfriendly

cold air seeps in from the unclosed window

I know it wants me because it starts digging out wounds

unconcerned about invasion, I long for silence

It is never okay to inhale hate

& return home where regret stings most

I estrange this body by backing off from existing

I simply want smoke clouds fussing over me

unseen hands starting a glow this flesh will see

I am next to drowning & I do not know its taste

the river engulfs me to prove a point

calling out my name so I will bask in desperation

a longing to carve body from the death of a voice

every place visited carries different colors of rejection

My body is talked about like a gruesome punishment

saddled up, I navigate through hallways black with grief

Salvation is slippery when I make trouble for calling God

& loss walks down the aisle to become inescapable


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