The Unbnd Verses / poems / Kwame Opoku-Duku

The Unbnd Verses
poems, Kwame Opoku-Duku
Glass Poetry, 2018


‘maybe we are
bald headed

searching for
the remains of
our masters/’ – from vi. cowboyz

In poet Kwame Opoku-Duku’s work, The Unbnd Verses, in which each entry sets a circle free, mystery is a mere clue left for a personhood that is beyond the scope of belief. Inquiry is a beauty mark made holy by the non-answerable. If loss stops at loss, and one is ghostless, how is it that existentialism runs in the family and how much of this is real? If this is the silence of god, why can’t our lord name one person he’s had to bury? This writing is an act of hearing. And the words arrive, and the choirs listen.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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