{ some notes }

so, some notes:

I am behind on everything. one person endeavors for which perhaps I am not always the right person. on that note, sans grace, volume fifth of {isacoustic*} will be printed later this month, as opposed to last.  any submissions accepted from this point will be included in volume sixth.

I love you all. those here, those coming, those waiting.

some news, in regards to others:


check out former contributor Asante Keron Hamid’s guest editing of Glass Poetry’s Poets Resist series, here:


you can read Asante Keron Hamid’s work on {isacoustic*} here:



check out former contributor Natasha Kochicheril Moni’s new publication, A Nation (Imagined), here:


you can read Natasha Kochicheril Moni’s work on {isacoustic*} here:



Poet Camonghne Felix has a new book, Build Yourself a Boat, here:


I had, and still have, some words for the previous work, here:

on Yolk by Camonghne Felix:

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