person Mela Blust, one poem

Mela Blust is Florida raised, and has always had an affinity for dark things. Her work has appeared in Anti Heroin Chic, The Rye Whiskey Review, Nixes Mate Review, Califragile, Little Rose Magazine, Third Wednesday Magazine, The Magnolia Review, Rust+Moth, and is forthcoming in Rhythm and Bones Lit, Abstract Magazine, and Ink in Thirds.


song of winter

let me tell you how I held you in my mouth;

one crushed petal of a

whole flower

in a parlor decorated with sorrow.

let me show you the ways in which womanhood manifests

so that sometimes we can’t tell if we’re infatuated

or held captive.

let me sing you a song of winter coats

with the lining eaten by mice; soles worn thin.

a song of toothaches ignored

for bread,

a song of gunshots and bruises…

of chewing with my mouth closed lest I make a sound.

a song of apples rotting on the counter

while I bleed in the woodshed.


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