person Alexandre Ferrere, one poem

Alexandre Ferrere is a writer who lives in France, whose essays have appeared in Beatdom and Empty Mirror, whose poems have appeared in or are forthcoming in Rust+Moth, 8poems Journal, Riggwelter Press, The Ideate Review, Barren Magazine, armarolla and Lucent Dreaming.


Building Moments: After Death

[Night is libre in smoked dead days
instant hangs or falls from the trees.]

are being emptied
by mouths of death.]

                                            [Loss is a loss of all:
the deft motion,
                                                                                      the daft emotion
                              (moorings for explanations).]

[The tired eyes
sacrificed in the after
noon after
while shadows try dancing
over towns.]

[The infinite layouts:
wait side by side
for a wisest schedule.]

[(future thrown
at the feet of Greek statues)]

[“Burn or smile”;
the gurgles from the bloody pools of Hell.]

                                                                                                              [It does not
                                                                                                              come within
                                                                                                             but without.]


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