person Ashley Bullen-Cutting, poem

Ashley Bullen-Cutting is a writer concerned with the Weird, Eco, Gothic and Queer. He has been published in Lonesome October Lit, Three Drops Poetry and can soon be read in an upcoming issue of Riggwelter. He holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Sheffield.


Cutis Calligraphy



Her eyes are like

twin stars and hard liquor

like oblivion shores

black-glass lapping

mascara tears

cutis calligraphy to destinations




We call her Hali



I want to be different

                                  she thinks

but cardboard is cardboard

apathetic pre-made flaps

and I’m not ready to rip

to change my design


Her skin is like

November and a misdemeanor

like purpled purgatory

high-heels pressing

cracked ceramic

that mends misshapen and





His fists are like

lubricious feelers

like repeat offenders

aphotic streaks

that strike out

              manuscription cadmium



We call him Florida Man



I want to be seen

                            she thinks

but ignorance is ignorance

calculated indifference

and I’m afraid to run

                              to reach out


His words are like

cardinal appendages

like tattered promises

grinned-glass chewing

evicting vowels

that form solid and close and





Their eyes are unformed

masticating existence

from the insides of

                battered hope



We call them Bubba



They want to be

                                            they guess

but their home is hurt and failing

flash-floods and coastal quakes

and soon

                                  the lights will go out



Their love is pure

umbilical ubiquitous

expiration unknown



Their hands are anti-prehensile blobs

immutable and immovable


shadow-acting on ovarian string the same movies they’d watched

                                            roles reversed



Their mind is clear


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