person Mike Ferguson, two poems

Mike Ferguson is an American permanently resident in the UK. A retired English teacher, he taught experimental writing to his students for thirty years.


The Philosophy of Being Delayed on a Train

A tannoy does not express a doctrine. Delays are explained – in documentation – through the calm rhetoric of platitude and irony. That Dialectical Theory of Staggered Time is considered a load of bollocks by passengers. The train got delayed presupposes a self-sense of desire and/or expectation. How Bertrand Russell got delayed before getting on his at the Gare du Nord. Simultaneity of timetable / leaving / track / leaves. For me, our tolerance for or sensitivity to delay exists as variables in an expression that looks impenetrably like mathematics. Dickens’ mimetic capture was of the unstoppable forward thrust into death.


Painting an Imaginary Landscape

To be able to decorate such restfulness in skylines of baby blue. Essence above capture / no cheating with the greens. If there is corrugation, it is centuries old rather than ploughed. When a horizon shifts into and out of hues. The issue of foregrounding isn’t. Swathe of red axing through is interpretable. Sky affects the land when you spell it correctly. The yellow isn’t necessarily corn grown for colour. Layered in, the darker blue will later rise as advanced dusk. There is pink here, but I argued against when told its tinge glossed my car. Perhaps a Chianti spill. 


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