Gutter – poems – Lauren Brazeal

poems, Lauren Brazeal


Lauren Brazeal’s Gutter is a fast melancholy. A destination that seems to have been masquerading as a journey might it paint itself too plainly and be mistaken for a church. Its hunger has power. Is an invisibility brought on by an imagined eating. It devours everything not in its path. You. Me. It is saying we weren’t there. It is saying it knows more than one person whose other tail is a removed tattoo. With erasures that test the boundaries of redaction and checklists that summon the grocer’s gaze of otherhood, Gutter returns to pain its blue doorbell and to desperation, color. As the body, here, makes its moonless bargain with bread, one is best to see it before the angels get to staring.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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