Phantom Tongue – poems – Steven Sanchez

Phantom Tongue
poems, Steven Sanchez
Sundress Publications, 2018


I step back to remember
            what else my body’s darkness saturates’
– {from} What the Water Gave Me

I don’t know what poetry should do; this language, third language, I was born to miss. But there is a work being done by Steven Sanchez in the book Phantom Tongue that, embedded in miracle, outgrows witness. That you will lose your voice reading. That calls echo the pearl of ache, and names chasm as the twice present history of seek and summon. Body as hyphen, body as bridge. Touch be a landmark. Dear poem, do these. See in your dream a puppet keeping safe a compass. Lead from the dream the angel confused by hunger.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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