The People’s Elbow – recitatives – Rax King

The People’s Elbow
recitatives on rape and wrestling, Rax King
Ursus Americanus Press, 2018


I will never not obey the meanness of men. – {from} 11

Even if you’re the wrong person, Rax King’s The People’s Elbow is the right book. It is cerebral, whole, and deeply creative. It is singularly repetitive. If it says things twice, it is to avoid emphasis and engage the future to be more influential. There is no ask in this text and it is not a verse in which one gets lost. Reader, you will need to be yourself. You will need to be fake enough that your reading does not deter you from knowing what’s been written. King makes of person a fifth season. Rips the word from scripted moments and chews it like gum at the feast. Look, clarity has no weakness. And, as such, this is a moral and breezily devastating work that relegates reclamation to the role of nostalgia while announcing itself as present and here to straighten the nails that fell from the dream. Rescue has no vision here- and that is a kindness. I don’t think one should stare.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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