Dark Horse – poems – Kristina Marie Darling

Dark Horse
poems, Kristina Marie Darling
C & R Press, 2018


It is no small task to make a poem, or an entire work for that matter, draw one’s eye to what it looked like when envisioned. Hallucinatory and weirdly sane, Kristina Marie Darling’s Dark Horse does just that with a verse that gives eyesight a shadow and with a language that wounds the managed exterior while healing the boundless inner. In the entity of the book’s Jane Dark, we have an existence invented by interrogation, the light of which breaks bone with any ghost asking for sustenance in the court of accumulated personhood. There is such hurt, here, a feast of it open to hermetic pain…but there is also evidence of relocation. I don’t know if we’ve survived creation, nor do I know what it was grief uttered to lose its voice…but I do know I am grateful for such remnant and human art as is here. These passages are exhibits held aloft of repetition’s landmarks and, this work, proof that distance has been married twice.


reflection by Barton Smock


book is here:

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