Three Colours Grief – poems – Gillian Prew

Three Colours Grief
poems, Gillian Prew
erbacce-press 2016


The poems in Gillian Prew’s chapbook Three Colours Grief are crowded with the precision of the gazeless inward, are after-esque, are unpeopled. This is not a warning, a lament, but instead an evocation of a doom blinded by signage. Prew’s wounded scansions seemingly scrawl themselves and leave the reader to recall being raised by voice on the disappearing ink of eulogy. These aubades, erasures, and deceptive fragments are restorative devastations in that they do not inquire so much as give to thing a voice that one, be they writer or reader, might learn its language. Whether beneath ‘Light- briefest chandelier-patterning the black’ or above ‘The grasses…starvelings bent over with dying’, Prew travels by other…by season, seed, and beast…taking snapshots of those blank looks so wrongly sainted for staring down the voided feast. This is a moral, a reclaiming, work and, with its opening dedication for the Earth and the animals, what follows is all so retroactively human.


reflection by Barton Smock


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