person Chris Shorne, two poems

Chris Shorne holds an MFA from Antioch University, Los Angeles and has
published with Utne Reader (online), Portland Review, The Manifest
Station, and Sinister Wisdom.


Consultation for Umbilical Hernia Surgery

The doctor tells me there was nothing I could have done
to prevent it. Nothing
that I can do on my own—
not exercise or diet or changing my environment—
would redo it.

It’s common
as mud: We are weak
and wear thin
in places
we’ve been cut
from one another.


Northwest Slumber


A chest of stars,
drifts me to sleep
earth flesh bends round
gray Fir, needle down:


Puget Sound rushed
to the shore
of the forest

still searches, eyes closed.


a canopy of invisible trees.



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