person Natalie Crick, three poems

Natalie Crick (UK) has poetry published in Interpreters House, Poetry Salzburg Review, Poetry Scotland, The SHOp and London Grip. Outside of the UK she has work published in Rust and Moth, The Chiron Review, 2River, The Ofi Press, The Perch Arts and Literary Magazine (Yale University), Plath Profiles and The Adirondack Review. She is studying for an MA in Writing Poetry at Newcastle University (UK) and is currently taught by Tara Bergin and Jacob Polley. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice.


Blue Water

When my Mother dragged me out
I wasn’t cold.

My breath was blued
by the light, seeping through

trees, black as night
with all that nothing in-between,

Mother already grieving
for the other who drowned.

Tonight the storm broke,
clouding the colour of

Mother’s necklace with the broken clasp.
The wind whittles your apologies

to blue bone beads
small enough to swallow.



She waits in shadow
for the moment to show herself.
O God, what hunger.
I’m living on a soup of soft bones,
the feathers of her lashes.
holding life inside.
There are open mouths in the walls.
I hear her voice:
a hive of bees in a field of dead.
Our words unstitch
the skin of her spine,
veins skimming skeleton;
a labyrinth of blue.
A white wing unfurls
before returning to the womb.
Her name sits on my tongue,
satin as cream.

I will raise my voice
and sing her home.



in the dark place
your incomprehensible form
drowning in the yolk of itself
trying to die
as rain in the sea.


7 thoughts on “person Natalie Crick, three poems

  1. Natalie is one of my favorite contemporary poets. I was lucky enough to have one of my poems in a journal at the same time as her, and it was a huge honor. Her poems go to my bones and steal my breath. I am sharing this in a blog post today!!!!!

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