person Aaron Belz, two poems

Aaron Belz is a poet and essayist who lives in Hillsborough, NC. His books are The Bird Hoverer (BlazeVOX, 2007), Lovely, Raspberry (Persea, 2010) and Glitter Bomb (Persea, 2014), and he has a fourth title Soft Launch, also forthcoming from Persea.



What appeared over Edison’s head
when he had the idea for the lightbulb?
Well, it could have been a lightbulb.
Maybe that’s where he got the idea.


A Self-Blessing

May my words ring less dully
than a lead bell whose clapper
is wrapped in soft cotton.
May my life shine more brightly
than a 7-watt nightlight
deep in a broom closet
or vacation condo fruit room.
And may my thanksgiving
pulse warmth the way a sore
thumb pulses and pulses–dully.
Thank God for words, light,
and warmth; thank Him
for analogies that engorge
the reader’s understanding.


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